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David Turfitt

Having started my career as an artworker and then added retouching into the mix later on, it became clear that to achieve the visuals I wanted to produce that 3D was a route I had to explore.

A colleague who sat next me said not to bother and that it would take too long and be too hard to achieve. So began an 8 year journey in my spare time to learn the skills needed to finally show the sort of imagery I had always dreamt of. That journey is still very much happening.

CGI & Retouching visuals

Over the years I have produced work for more companies and people than I can truly remember but a shortlist would be something along the lines of:

Anchor, Argos, Beam Global, British Gas, Burberry, Carphone Warehouse, Honda, Lexus, Samsung, Sky, Suzuki, TalkTalk, The Times and Virgin Atlantic.



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